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Personal Injury Lawyers Making Justice the Rule

What if the tragedy of a personal injury struck down you or someone you loved? Would you consider it a frivolous matter? Would you feel that you were in some way responsible? If the people at your insurance company told you the financial settlement you were receiving for your injury was fair and adequate, even if it didn’t cover many of your medical expenses, not to mention lost wages, loss of independence, and pain and suffering, would you simply take them at their word and try to make do?

Of course you wouldn’t. But believe it or not, this is the kind of world big insurance is striving to create today, one in which the injured no longer have any say in determining the emotional, physical and financial damages they incur in accidents and cases of negligence.

At the Norfolk law firm of Breit, Drescher & Imprevento, PC, we work diligently to uphold and preserve the rights of the injured.

In these areas of personal injury and many others, the insurance industry is seeking a scenario in which justice becomes something they can manage, predict and control. At Breit, Drescher & Imprevento, we know this can’t be permitted to happen, because we know just what the insurance industry would do with this kind of power. Since 1988, our firm has worked to halt the advances of insurance industry prerogatives in Virginia’s legal system, and to continue protecting the rights of those injured through no fault of their own. In many of our cases, we’ve won multi-million dollar verdicts for our clients. The initial offers these clients received were a fraction of the verdicts we ultimately won for them.

At Breit, Drescher & Imprevento, we’re proud of the winning record we’ve established for Virginia’s wrongfully injured. But our pride is tempered by the knowledge that only a handful of personal injury cases end in best case scenarios Too often, the injured and their loved ones never even talk to an attorney, accepting inadequate settlements from their insurance companies that lead only to lifelong financial uncertainty and emotional distress. Too often, justice is the exception, not the rule.

If you or a loved one has suffered serious injury and are concerned about the limited alternatives your insurance company is offering you, it’s time to consider a new and more promising direction for your case. By winning large verdicts and settlements for our clients, the attorneys of Breit, Drescher & Imprevento have repeatedly reminded big businesses and insurance companies that the law does not end where their profit margins begin. The law begins and ends with the pre-eminent rights of the American citizen.

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