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Immigration Law
* Business Visitors (B-1/B-2)
* Intracompany Transferees (L-1A/L-1B)
* Specialty Occupation Professionals (H-1B)
* Temporary Non-Agricultural Workers (H-2B)
* Treaty Traders & Treaty Investors (E-1/E-2)
* Religious Workers (R-1)
* TN Visas
* Outstanding and Performing Individuals (O&P)

Vandeventer Black’s Immigration Law team provides a full range of immigration services for businesses and individuals from visa applications to green cards to deportation defense.

We represent businesses currently located, or seeking to locate, in the U.S. with strategies to help expedite and facilitate the transfer of managers, executives and other personnel to their U.S. operations. The Immigration Law Group also provides wide-ranging assistance for the families of foreign national workers and with other types of family-based cases.

Our established, full-service practice provides complete preparation of the full range of immigrant and nonimmigrant petitions and visa applications. We also handle all aspects of permanent resident applications (green cards), including PERM labor certifications, intracompany transferees, extraordinary ability petitions, outstanding professors and researchers, national interest waivers, religious workers, health care professionals, and family-based petitions. We skillfully prepare nonimmigrant petitions for H professionals, L intracompany transferees, E treaty traders and investors, B-1 business visitors, O and P outstanding and performing individuals, R religious workers and TN Canadians.

Vandeventer Black assists employers with compliance under the employer sanction provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act, including counsel on the implementation of I-9 processes and procedures and avoiding civil and criminal fines and penalties under the Act.

We also assist aliens in defending against deportation notices, recognizing that tough immigration removal rules and criminal charges can subject visitors to deportation all too frequently. We defend cases in immigration court, and have experience in asylum, waivers, adjustment of status, immigrant visas, and criminal consequences. In removal cases, members of our Immigration Law team have secured sentence reductions in state criminal court and sentence commutations from the governor to eliminate immigration consequences resulting from criminal convictions.

Our long history of handling immigration matters and working with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and the Department of Labor enables Vandeventer Black to provide effective and efficient service to our clients. Our publication United States Immigration Laws for Businesses - A Summary of Strategies to Help Facilitate the Transfer of Managers, Executives & Personnel to the U.S. is available in hard copy or downloadable from our web site and serves as a roadmap for determining the most effective strategies for our clients.

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