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Understanding and planning for the right tax results is an important part of any transaction, and our tax attorneys have the expertise to advise individuals, businesses and tax-exempt organizations in all types of financial and personal decisions.

We provide clients the information and analysis they need to understand the federal, state and local tax consequences of their planning. Our clients include corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies and other entities, both closely-held and publicly-owned, and we have experience in all tax aspects of the organization and operation of business enterprises. Our attorneys are experienced in the complex laws of income taxes, sales and use taxes, real and personal property taxes, and business license taxes. Our practice includes:
* Tax-free reorganization of business entities
* Taxable acquisitions and dispositions of businesses and assets
* Application of the consolidated return regulations to affiliate groups
* Recapitalizations and debt restructurings
* Utilization of net operating losses and other tax carryovers
* Tax accounting issues

We represent a variety of charities and other tax-exempt organizations and also have broad experience assisting non-U.S. companies with the tax implications of establishing, operating and disposing of businesses within the United States.

Our tax attorneys work closely with and support attorneys in all of our practice groups, assisting in the planning of structured settlements, public and private financings, employee benefits plans and executive compensation, estate planning and administration, real estate ventures and in a variety of other fields. When necessary, we assist clients in the resolution of tax controversies and litigate state and local tax issues.

Our goal is to find the right solutions within the complex tax laws and regulations to help our clients minimize potential tax liabilities of every kind.

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