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We provide our clients with a full range of intellectual property law services, including:
* Patent, trademark and copyright clearance, prosecution and registration
* Protection and licensing of all forms of intellectual property (including trade secrets and other confidential information)
* Tailored proprietary restrictions in non-disclosure, confidentiality, software, consulting and employment agreements
* Audits for clients to assess what intellectual property assets they have, and what policies and agreements they should put in place to protect, maintain and enhance those assets
* Litigation of intellectual property issues in the federal and state courts
* Administrative proceedings before the Patent and Trademark Office
* Arbitration of domain name disputes

Our attorneys conduct on-site seminars for clients, trade organizations and professional associations on topics such as:
* Patent, copyright and trademark ownership, licensing and infringement issues
* Intellectual property issues associated with use of the Internet
* Protecting trade secrets and other proprietary rights
* Developing and maintaining rights in data and other information

We also regularly provide our clients with summaries and advice about the latest statutes and cases involving intellectual property issues.

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